All cosmetic injectables treatments are provided by Dr Lokiny Gnanendran

All treatments include an initial consultation, a full facial assessment, a discussion about achievable results, and relevant after care and follow up.

Cosmetic fillers queanbeyan

Anti wrinkle injections

TGA Approved Products

Frown Lines $240-299

Crow’s Feet $240-270

Forehead Creases $120 – $150

Eyebrow Lift $60

Masseter/Jaw $500-699


Anti-wrinkle injections queanbeyan

Combined treatment options

Frown Lines and Crow’s Feet $480 – 525

Frown Lines, Crow’s Feet, Eyebrow Lift and Forehead Creases $699

Fillers queanbeyan


Lip Filler $499

Jaw Filler $499

Cheek Filler $899

Is there a difference between anti wrinkle injections and fillers?

The major difference is that anti-wrinkle injections reduce fine lines and dynamic wrinkles by paralysing the  muscle that causes wrinkles.

Whereas fillers are used to plump up the area where extra collagen could be beneficial, like lip fillers or cheek fillers.

Finer lines for years to come

Preventative cosmetic injectable treatments tailored for every face and skin type. 

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